13 dicembre 2008

WHB #162 - persimonn jam with dry apricots

welcome to this weeks WHB, the second-last before christmas...then we will rest, celebrate Cristmas, think of new idees and come back on end of Dicember!
this week we are hosted by Chriesi of almond corner, thank's Chriesi for hosting.
as allways I would like to remind that this fantastic idea is kalyn's, and that now
haalo is taking care of us.
for more information please read here and here and here

this week I had another thing in mind, but unfortunately I lost my luggage coming back from Sweden with all the spices and herbs in it.
(and some Christmas gifts)
it seems they have found it, but probobly it will be sent to me after Christmas.
soooo...I had to think of someting else...
that is not a big problem is it...lets do another jam! :))))
I'm been given a wooden box full with beautiful persimonns,
they are of another quality than the one's I used for my
very perfumed and sweet. perfect to use to make a jam!
I've already reserved next years persimonns for dubble production of persimonn preserves :))
this recipe come from one of my favourite books
"confetture, gelatine, marmellate"
"jams, jellys and marmellates"
sara gianotti - anna prandoni
ed- de vecchi
you need:
1kg of persimonns (cleaned and peeled)
650gr of caster sugar*
5-7 grains of Pimento pepper**
4 sweet apples (not to big ones)
white wine
200gr of dry apricots

put the dry apricots in a bowl and pour over white wine, let marinate for an hour (or all night)
put the persimonn in a blender and whip them creamy.
put them together with the apples (peeled) cut in very tiny slices, the grains of pepper and the sugar in a pot. cook on medium heat for 30min.
than add the apricots cut in small pieces or chopped by a mixer.
let all cook very slowly until it reach the consistence you desire.
it will take about 1,30 or 2 hours.
at this time you can leave the jam with pieces in, but if you like a smother jam
just use your immersion blender and mix to a pieceles version.
here you see the difference (?)
the jam in the front is the one with pieces.
pour in clean jars, close the lid tight and put the jars up-side down to cool.
store in a dark, cool place.
this marmelade is perfect to fill tarts or small cakes.
but it is also very tasty on a slice of a wholemeal bread.

the original recipe talks about 800gr of sugar, for me it was even to much the 650gr, next time I will use less,
beacuse the apricots and apples are also sweet,
so there is no need to add so much sugar.
if you don't find pimento pepper or you don't like them, you can do without or use vanilla instead.
see you next week at haalo's!!!
for the italian version:
confettura di kaki con albicocche secche

9 commenti:

Lo ha detto...

ohhhhhhhhhh donna in inglese un po' svedese un po' gardeseeeeeeeee...niente cachi quest'anno il nostro albero nada! un bacio

brii ha detto...

buon giornooo loryyyy e buon lunedì!!

ho la fortuna di avere amiche con alberi di kaki!
loro raccolgono e brii cucina! :)))
strano però che non ne ha fatto nemmeno uno.
che stia male, il tuo albero?

un abbraccio fortissimo!

Manuela e Silvia ha detto...

Sorry....ma i cachi proprio non li possiamo vedere...Però di idee ne hai sempre eh?!

brii ha detto...

buon giornoooo ragazze!
hihi...neanche a me piacciono i kaki freschi!

ma in marmellata e sotto olio si!
buonissima giornata!
baciuss doppio!!

Virginie ha detto...

persimonn are my favorite fruit in winter. This recipe is a good way to extend its so short season...

brii ha detto...

ciao virginie and thank you for passing by..
yes, for me it is the best way, because I don't like the fresh fruit much.
if you wish, try this recipe too...it was an very tasty surprise...
persimonn made in this way.
persimonn pickles

have a nice week,

Simo ha detto...

Uh, uhhhhh...anch'io marmellata di cachi...

brii ha detto...

buon giornooo simoooo,
anche a me piace moltissimo la marmellata di kakai.
quelli freschi...meno..
ti auguro una buonissima giornata

Anonimo ha detto...

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